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Hetra Teknologi Indonesia

Hetra Teknologi Indonesia is a leading provider for software technology Comprehensive in Engineering Design Activity and Human Resources-Payroll Solution
Our team have a more than 5th years experiences in software industrial and engineering activity Therefore, we will be your partner hand in hand to solve engineering and HR-Payroll problem
Let's go beyond technology

Our Commitment

Hetra Teknologi Indonesia purposed to become a company software technology provider, always ready to give solutions in Human Resources - Payroll, Product Design 3D CAD, and Engineering Activity on technology. Supported by experience people with commitment to provide the best solution for HR-Payroll and engineering needed. Our motto "we care what we provide". We always beside you hand in hand to solve your problems with the power of technology.

"We Care What We Provide"

Top 5 best brand & Total Solution for software technology provider.

To offer and deliver a solution, quality products and services to fulfill our customer need.

Hetra's solutions at a glance

3D Design Modelling, Simulation and Analysis

With Creo's simulation and analysis capabilities, utilize your product's virtual conditions mathematical. Test the stresses and loads under which your product will operate under 'real world' conditions. Based on your simulation and analysis results, you can either fix design flaws or forestall them

Human Resources-Payroll

Digital technology is continuing to become a norm in our everyday lives. HR professionals are expected to deliver and understand the new millennials and how to build a strategy that empowers them to unleash potential and take significantly more responsibility to increase employee return of investment. As digital enables talent management to become less of a centralized HR activity and more of an activity that is embedded in the fabric of everyday business, it will fundamentally change HR as we know it.

Engineering Activity

Hetra Teknologi Indonesia is a global leader dedicated to providing engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure

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