HR and Payroll Software

HR and Payroll Solutions to Power a People Centric Organization in the Digital World.

For years, the human resources function has shouldered much of the responsibility for managing people, in a largely segregated operation. Technology advances will change all this, by integrating talent management into the fabric of everyday business. HR IT will thus become a vital component of organizational performance in an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world. As HR heads toward a future characterized by Big Data, integration, mobility, social media, gamification, and cloud computing, the ability for organizations to manage their people will grow more flexible, agile and customized. Digital technology is continuing to become a norm in our everyday lives. HR professionals are expected to deliver and understand the new millennials and how to build a strategy that empowers them to unleash potential and take significantly more responsibility to increase employee return of investment. As digital enables talent management to become less of a centralized HR activity and more of an activity that is embedded in the fabric of everyday business, it will fundamentally change HR as we know it.

We can get you started by understanding how HRMS and payroll can be integrated to a single employee view, allowing employees and HR professionals to manage their own personal progress and information:
  • Employee Self Service Portals to keep information current and accessible any time, any where on any device
  • Flexible solutions designed for easy HR adoption to practice inhouse or outsourced to a BPO
  • Always up to date with yearly legislation
  • Always up to date record of all your employees
  • Automatically calculates tax and statutory deductions
  • E- payslips accordance to local legislation for all employee
  • Business financial insights integrated with HRMS solutions

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